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Smell Delicious and Be Delicious with Soap Mogul's Silky Smooth Luxury Soaps


December 14, 2021 4:56pm   


Experience luxury at the palm of one's hand with Soap Mogul's vegan, all-natural, and old-fashioned soaps.


Soaps have indeed become an essential in these modern times. It is well known for its remarkable cleaning ability – leaving the skin squeaky clean, feeling fresh, and free from germs. But for Soap Mogul, it is a way to show care and love for someone special. Offering a variety of soaps that are vegan, all-natural, and old-fashioned, Soap Mogul is the latest private label luxury soap company to watch out for.

In late 2019, Tom decided to start making soap bars for his family and friends. They liked them so much that he initiated the launch of Soap Mogul. Because of his strong belief in the act of “Think, Believe, Dream, and Dare,” Soap Mogul is growing to become a household name in the line of luxury soaps. Not only do he and his friends get to enjoy the soap he makes, but they are now offering it for the world to experience.

Currently, they offer various scented soaps you can immerse yourself in, namely Peachy Clean, Love Affair, Wild Orchid, Springtime Lavender, Bougie Bar, Ultra Shea Tattoo Bar, Himalayan Salt Bar, The Essence Bar, Sweet Dreams, Tea Tree Bar, Rose and Clay Goat Milk Soap, Shea Shave Bar, and Coconut Dream, the scent that started it all. With this, more and more people are smelling delicious and experiencing how luxurious and hydrating it is to use Soap Mogul.

Made with love and care, Soap Mogul creates silky smooth and luxurious all-natural and vegan soap bars by hand, from scratch, and in small batches. Every step of the production process, from conception to fulfillment, is done in-house in a facility in North Carolina.

Taking pride in its all-natural ingredients, Soap Mogul delivers beautiful and high-quality soaps that not only look and smell amazing but are also GMO-free and cruelty-free. They only source the best ingredients for their products, and unlike cheaper manufactured soaps, their soaps get to retain commonly lost cleaning and moisturizing benefits.

As soap artists and genuine craftsmen and craftswomen, Soap Mogul is committed to bringing excellent and unique luxury soap bars at competitive prices. Their dedication to their craft extends to even searching the globe to find artisan soap makers that provide them with unique and one-of-a-kind soaps that only they can create. More importantly, they value integrity and transparency – providing open and upfront pricing, transparent ingredients and labeling, and honest interactions and support to their customers.

Get to know more about Soap Mogul and their amazing line of soaps by visiting their website at

About Soap Mogul

Soap Mogul is a private label luxury soap company that offers vegan, all-natural, and old-fashioned soaps for the world to enjoy.

Media Contact
Company Name: Soap Mogul
Contact Person: Tom Robbins
Country: United States

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