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Best Natural Body Wash

Find the Best Natural Body Wash You've Ever Cleaned With at Soap Mogul.

As the holidays draw ever closer, it isn't exactly a bad time to start looking for great gifts to get your loved ones. Whether you are shopping for the love of your life or your best friend from childhood, you will find the best natural body wash and natural vegan soap bars on the internet at Soap Mogul!

Dedicated to crafting the best natural vegan soap bars around, Soap Mogul has spent their time, energy, and passion developing an inventory of more than 32 amazing natural soap bars. With a focus on low prices and high-quality customer service, now might be the perfect time to buy your favorite real ingredient soap products from Soap Mogul.

Let's dig into what makes Soap Mogul the best place for natural soap bars around!

Feel the Difference With Real Ingredient Soap Bars

If you were to list the things that bothered you most about buying products from the store, you'd point to either price points or problematic chemicals. We want to be able to buy real ingredient soap that is free from dangerous chemicals that are bad for our health as well as our skin. Unfortunately, artisan soap is typically far too expensive for most people to enjoy. Thankfully, Soap Mogul has dedicated itself to providing the best value in vegan soap bars by focusing on quality ingredients and premier craftsmanship.

Soap Mogul was born during the coronavirus pandemic that shook the world to its core. Built by an Man split from his Girlfriend due to the pandemic, Soap Mogul would come to life as a romantic project to show just how much He cared about His Soulmate. Once a hobby, Soap Mogul would quickly come to realize their passion for the art of crafting soap. Now Soap Mogul is dedicated to crafting each product with love and harmony as well as high-quality ingredients!

Now that you know a little more about Soap Mogul, let's take a closer look at their products so that you can see for yourself what makes them so special. Believe us when we tell you, Soap Mogul does not sell your average bar of soap! Here are just a FEW of our favorite scented options available at Soap Mogul.

1) Bougie Bar - When the dude in your life needs to feel clean, they need to reach for their Bougie Bar. Created from a formula that blends olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, and sodium hydroxide, this long-lasting and pleasant soap bar can keep you clean with a heavy lathe for up to three weeks! This scent is subdued but delightful, a joy to use, and fun to smell!

2) Pumpkin Spice - If you are going to celebrate Autumn, you might as well have the best bar of soap around! The Pumpkin Spice soap bar is truly one of our favorite products available at Soap Mogul. Developed with a blend of delicate oils, this Pumpkin Spice soap bar was hand-crafted in the United States with the best ingredients that money can buy. Each bar is cut to a 1" long before it is wrapped to ensure freshness up to and including your delivery. Sweet and spicy yet delicate all the same, this is an amazing seasonal soap product.

3) Shea Shave Bar - If you are looking to hydrate your skin with a rejuvenating soap bar, the Ultra Shea Butter Bar is ideal for you. This Shea Shave Bar is brimming with olive oil and shea butter to provide the moisturizing properties that you need. Ideal for use as a body wash, the Shea Shave Bar is also fantastic for washing your face. Make sure that your skin isn't too sensitive for use as a face wash by first performing a spot test.

There are many more scented variations around and all of them were handcrafted with love, care, and compassion. Soap Mogul is dedicated to providing its clients with affordable access to the best soap bars on the market. Even though soap isn't traditionally an exciting item to shop for, the team at Soap Mogul feels that you should enjoy every product you get your hands on.

To enjoy affordable natural soap made by an artisan in the United States, start shopping at Soap Mogul for your soap bar needs!

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