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Handmade Bar Soaps

Explore the Vegan & Organic ALL Natrual Soap Difference: Why Soap Mogul Has the Handmade Bar Soaps For You!

The smell of fresh handmade soap is something that is almost hard to describe. Delightful yet refined, aromatic yet fresh and ready to use, handmade Vegan bar soaps can make for quite the fantastic gift. If you want to bring some artisan craftsmanship home in the form of ALL Natrual bar soap and handmade bath soap, you've come to the right place to find the products that you need.

We understand that there are countless soap products for sale from just about every location you turn to. Why should you consider Soap Mogul handmade bar soaps when so many other products are vying for your attention? We are glad that you asked, so let's answer this question by honing in on what makes Soap Mogul your best source for All Natural bar soap.

Feel the Soap Mogul Difference WIth Handmade Soap

A bar of soap is a bar of soap, right? Well, not exactly. If you've ever had to wrestle with hotel soap bars, you know how bad things can get. When you go to Soap Mogul, you get to experience Shea Bar Soap the way that it SHOULD be experienced -- from the hands of a master artisan dedicated to their craft. Of course, there are a few OTHER reasons that you can't beat the Shea Bar Soap available at Soap Mogul.

1) A Longer Lasting Product - When you buy a bar of handmade soap from the store, you probably find that it vanishes pretty quickly. With that being said, the Shea Shave Bar by Soap Mogul can last for up to three weeks even with heavy use! It's true! You can sport a full lather with every shower or bath and still enjoy the fragrant bar soap for almost a month.

2) Made With Care - Soap Mogul doesn't craft bars of soap to make money and they certainly don't do it to mass-produce products. Instead, each bar of soap made by Soap Mogul is crafted with care by a pair of hands that are dedicated to providing you with the best product available. If you want to literally feel the craftsmanship that goes into your handmade artisan soap, there is no better place to shop from than Soap Mogul.

3) Only The BEST Ingredients - Soap Mogul knows that your soap bar is only going to be as good as the ingredients within it. For that reason, Soap Mogul has prioritized high-quality ingredients from inception, opting instead to charge slightly more for a dramatically better product. For individuals that want to save money on their bar soaps, consider signing up for monthly delivery services to bring down the per-unit price.

4) Made In America - There is nothing wrong with buying internationally, but sometimes it is nice to know that the products you buy are coming from the United States. Soap Mogul focuses on crafting products made in America with ingredients bought in America. If you want to support a local company that wants to grow organically, this is the perfect way to show that you care!

Soap Mogul has proudly launched more than 32 variations of soap bars. Head to their product page today to check out our favorite bar of soap, the Ultra Shea Tattoo bar. This soap is hydrating and cleansing for the ultimate bathing experience and SoapMogul Offers Artisan Products Made With Love

When Soap Mogul was first founded, the company was more or less a passion project for its owner. Developed as a way to create loving gifts for their wife, separated due to the coronavirus pandemic, Soap Mogul quickly turned into one of the top organic bath soap creators around! After realizing their talent and affinity for creating wonderful soap products, they would begin to experiment more and more.

After working in the field for a while and honing their skills, the team of master artisans at Soap Mogul would go on to develop 32 fantastic combinations of Vegan and organic handmade soap. From the delightful Shea Shave Bar, we explored together to the masculine Bougie Bar, there is seemingly something for everyone.

If you want to enjoy affordable bath soap products shipped to your front door, consider signing up for the Monthly Delivery option at Soap Mogul. Monthly Delivery services allow you to automate your Shea Shave Bar delivery while saving money along the way.

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