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Island Bar

Experience The Luxurious Island Bar From Soap Mogul.

Shopping for the most exclusive soap bars can lead you to some pretty fascinating shops. That is one of the reasons why we love artisan handcrafted products so much! Today, we found our way to Soap Mogul where they specialize in no chemical soap bar products that leave you brimming with joy. With a curated collection of high-quality soaps, including the Island Bar, shoppers will find their way to several amazing products and benefits.

If you are shopping for quality soap, you are going to want to purchase from Soap Mogul! Soap Mogul has developed a reputation for being an artisan soap maker who is entirely focused on crafting quality products that last a long time. With a focus on avoiding chemicals and problematic fillers, Soap Mogul offers exclusive soap bars that you have to try to believe.

If you haven't purchased your own Island Bar from Soap Mogul, you've come to the right place to learn more!

Why Should I Purchase No Chemical Soap Products?

Are you the type of person that thinks all soap products are pretty much the same? If so, we can't say that we entirely agree with you! Soap Mogul exclusive soap bars offer a dramatically improved experience upon conventional bar soap products that would be found at your local big-box store. While we understand if you have some doubts, there are more than a few solid reasons to give no chemical soap a try!

1) Better For Your Skin - You can never really know when your skin will react to a certain harsh chemical. The only thing that you can do is limit your exposure to chemicals when and where you can. Soap Mogul focuses on using as many natural and vegan ingredients as possible during the formation of their products. You can even find further information regarding specific ingredients by navigating to their shop page to learn more about each soap bar.

2) Longer Lasting Soap Bar - Soap Mogul makes a soap that is intended to last for more than just a couple of uses. Soap Mogul soap bars can last up to three weeks with regular use. What sets these bars apart from the other soap products you might be familiar with is just how much frothing you can expect. You will feel free, renewed, and rejuvenated after your experience with the Island Bar by Soap Mogul.

3) Better Bang For Your Buck - While soap bars are never what we expect to spend a bunch of money on, we are still happy to report that Soap Mogul offers affordable artisan soap that you can feel proud to use. While these are expertly crafted products handmade by an artisan in the United States, they are also immensely affordable. The Coconut Dream Bar only costs $9 and can last for up to three full weeks!

4) Exciting Product Availability - Finally, we get to highlight the sheer amount of bar soap options available when you shop at Soap Mogul. After falling in love with making soap, Soap Mogul would go on to introduce 32 varieties to their storefront to ensure that you have access to the soap you want. Among the most popular options available are: Coconut Dream, Couples Bar, Bougie Bar, Shea Shave Bar, and the Detox Bar.

Soap Mogul was founded with the ideals of love and compassion at the forefront of every sale. With a focus on affordable products and great customer service, there is no better place to shop for chemical-free soap than Soap Mogul!

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