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My name is Tom Robbins, Ceo, and founder of Soap Mogul™

I am starting a blog to help people struggling in their relationships; during the pandemic, I have already made most of the mistakes a dumb guy makes with women. I've been married, made those mistakes, divorced, made those mistakes too, had a mistress, yep, been there. I've been cheated on, yes, and had a woman that I was planning to spend the rest of my life totally in love with, blocking me on my phone out of the blue and never calling me back. I have just scratched the surface of what we will discuss in this soap Mogul relationship blog. Before I go any further, I will tell you I am not a shrink, a lawyer, or a doctor of any kind. I am a guy that has dated and been a part of many good and bad relationships, and most importantly, I am not perfect ok, let us get that straight. Guys, one of the most common reasons we fail at relationships is 1. Trust Issues Lack or loss of trust is one of the most harmful things to a couple's long-term success. Without faith, a relationship misses two critical components to a strong bond: safety and security. Trust issues include jealousy, possessiveness, emotional infidelity, physical/sexual infidelity, game playing, lack of reliability and dependability, lack of emotional support, lack of financial aid. If you believe trust is a significant issue in your relationship (or was in your former relationship), examine whether the lack of trust is a pattern of evidence (such as substantially broken promises) or primarily subjective emotions such as jealousy without proof. Consider honestly whether the lack of trust is a tangible substance or unjustified fear. Look deep inside, ask yourself questions, and be honest; don't lie to yourself. All of these issues have become magnified during the pandemic. Men don't make promises you can't afford to keep. In my case, I made promises to my girlfriend that in my head, I was going to keep. Still, as time passed, they became mostly broken because time can slip by very fast, and all those good intentions became a source of bad feelings, remember that saying if you like it, then you should have put a ring on it. The biggest mistake of my life, and I don't wish this on any man. Men and women alike have been affected by the pandemic. We have all been in this together. No one got out unscathed. But as time passed, we have to try to get some semblance back in our lives, I was vaccinated, and it felt like I got my life back. Some people are still so afraid of getting back to normal because the pandemic was rough, guys. If this is your girl, give her all the time she needs because she needs to feel like you're on her side, and if you don't, you might lose her. Some of you might be wondering what soap has to do with relationships. Well, a lot, we all want to smell good for our partner, and we want our partner to like us, which, she might have a hard time doing if you stink remember, Smell delicious be delicious, so there you have my thinking on the blog and soap. I love how my ex-girlfriend smelled when she would use my coconut dream bar soap; it reminded me of summer. And all the good times we had together. Guys, here is some wisdom. Now listen closely. One. Always tell your girlfriend that she is the best-looking woman you've ever met, but you have to mean it; if you don't believe it, don't say it because it will sound like a line. And that goes right back to trust issues. Two. Always ask about her day, and here is the hard part listen to what she has to say. Don't pretend to listen because you will just make her feel like you don't care about what she has to say. Three. Always open the car door for her. I know this sounds old-fashioned to some of you younger guys, but it's the gentleman's thing to do, and you know what? It makes them feel special, and that is how you want them to feel. Four listens to her ideas. Don't just gloss over them. She will feel like you don't care about her opinion, and that, over time, will make her feel bad. Take some of those ideas and put them into use. You will be better at doing than ignoring. Five protect her with your life. Tell her what you would do if someone were to try to harm her because she has to feel protected, and she needs to hear that from you to believe it to be true. You need to stand up and protect her if something happens. I have heard stories where the guy uses the girl to get out of the situation. It would be a lost moment for that guy. Six make her dinner and set the mood with candles and nice music. Remember breaking bread with your girl is a very intimate thing, and if you are a good cook, she will love it. I have always believed in cooking for the people I love. Because it is something you make to give them, and if it tastes good, she will love it. Even if it sucks, she will love it because you tried to do something nice for her. Well, campers, that's all for today. I will be posting once a week with more insight and opinions on relationships, and ladies, remember this is a guy's perspective and things that have happened in my life. This may work for some, but not all ladies are the same. But if you try some of these things, most likely, you won't go wrong. Soap Mogul..................

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